What is the customer experience like to buy parts?

As brick-and-mortar stores move online, the online sales of automotive parts and accessories have exploded in the last five years. Statista predicts that this trend will continue to grow as the global online aftermarket market for automotive parts and services is expected to triple. This is in line with an increase in online shopping by consumers. Although the growth is not as strong as that of women’s and men’s fashions, the $56 billion already existing industry could be a good investment for an automotive parts store samsung nz parts.

According to McKinsey’s market survey, although this growth rate is expected to continue at 3% per annum into 2030, “80%” of the industry players say they are not currently prepared. This is primarily due to a lack of strategic focus and skills and insufficient digitization resources. It’s not about how big the accessories and automotive parts sales industry will grow. It’s about who can expand their business online and sell auto parts.

Here are some examples below of automotive parts customers want to order online. Although internal sales are not as significant as external sales, they are still important. Internals are almost always installed by a mechanic rather than the customer directly. These items are more fragile, so they should be packed with lots of bubble wrap before shipping. Similar questions can be asked about the selection of the shipping company you choose and the shipping service that you want to offer your buyers. It is possible to compile a list of shipping and wrapping materials.

Many different groups and demographics can purchase online auto parts. There are two main categories: wholesale buyers (e.g. a local garage) and retail consumers (e.g. people who want to make one-off purchases). When designing and building an e-commerce website, it is essential to know your target market. Google Analytics can analyze the user demographic of a website that you already have. Google Analytics lets you track your audience by gender, age, country, interests, and many other factors.

You don’t need a website to conduct market research online about the behavior of automotive aftermarket shoppers. Understanding your audience will allow you to understand better how to sell parts online. Here are some examples: Your e-commerce store is yours to manage. This means you don’t have to pay fees for each sale, unlike Amazon and eBay. You can also price your products as you wish.

Effective on-site searches are essential for customer experience. Although it will be a challenge, the potential benefits to your brand could well outweigh the complexity. BigCommerce makes it easy to create a beautiful and practical online store. It’s easy to customize your auto parts website without coding, drive sales using responsive templates, and provide a personalized shopping experience.

BigCommerce is an e-commerce website builder that allows business owners to create their platforms and not have to choose between Amazon, eBay, or Amazon when selling auto parts online. Customers shop at more locations than ever before. Multichannel e-commerce allows you to sell your products through all touchpoints without additional development. Our multichannel integration of eBay and Amazon plugins makes it easy to connect your store.

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